The band

Truck Truck
Accession (USA)
vocals, chaffeur, motivational and negotiative engine
Zania Zania
Limp Ninja (Finland)
vocals, sleeping on styrofoam
Jeenio Jeenio
iP (Portugal)
lead guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, not waking up in time
Wonder Wonder
Stravaganza (Spain)
guitars, funny hat, sunglasses, SHRED SHRED SHRED
Bombe Bombe
Farbrausch (Germany)
bass, logistics, chocolate cookies, German raps
Gargaj Gargaj
Conspiracy (Hungary)
drums, mistreating drumsticks, updating the Wiki too often
Trace Trace
XPLSV (Spain)
visuals, new logo (rlz!), displaying lyrics late
(above pictures are courtesy of Syntiq and Sole)

Former members

Maali Maali
Fairlight (Netherlands)
guitars, stagedives
(above pictures are courtesy of Vickey/Drifters)